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datasetsThe most comprehensive view of voting equipment use and post-election audit requirements across the United States.

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users iconUsed by everyone: candidates, election officials, lawyers, academics, journalists, and more.

NEW maps showing post-election audit laws and the first year in use for voting equipment are now available!


Voting Equipment

How election technology is used fundamentally impacts trust in our elections.

post-election audits

Post-Election Audits

Audits give solid evidence and promote public confidence in election outcomes.

paper records

Paper Records

Voter-marked paper ballots are at the core of our advocacy.

internet voting

Internet Voting

Internet voting is not private or secure and makes elections less trustworthy.

election security

Election Security

The voting pipeline should be secure and resilient — including registration, administration, and databases.


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Verified Voting’s latest work, updates
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How to use the Verifier

This video shows how to explore many of the Verifier’s most popular features, including maps on voting equipment, status of true post-election audit laws by state, information on how to use voting equipment, and other features that will help you be an informed citizen ahead of November’s election.


Election Officials Need a Helping Hand, Not Hand Count Legislation

There is a time, place, and purpose for hand counts, like when conducting post-election audits or checking close races. Read more for our take on hand count legislation cropping up around the country.


Coordinating Audits and Recounts to Strengthen Election Verification

This paper, coauthored with Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota, explains how audits and recounts can work together to bolster public confidence in elections.


Good vs. Ugly: How to spot true post-election audits from sham reviews

What exactly distinguishes a true audit from a sham review? To help voters spot the difference, Verified Voting put together this handy guide.



The most comprehensive view of voting equipment use and post-election audit requirements.

voting equipment database

Voting Equipment

Learn more about the types of equipment and voting machine vendors.

audit law database

Audit Law

Database of state laws, regulations and procedures for post-election audits.

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