Election Security

Securing the voting pipeline from registration, to administration,
to equipment, to databases.

election security

About Election Security

Good elections require the technology we use to be available and functioning correctly and reliably for all voters. Secure elections require proof that this was the case.

Our voting systems and election infrastructure are vulnerable at multiple points and we must take steps to harden election technology of all kinds — not just voting machines — against tampering and failures. While no system is completely tamperproof or fail-proof, reducing and mitigating vulnerabilities and focusing on the ability to recover no matter what goes wrong lends confidence that every voter was able to cast a ballot effectively and the election outcome was reliable.

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Verified Voting’s Role

We work with stakeholders to identify and promote ways to make elections more secure, and ways to mitigate the risk of problems when they occur. Election officials alone cannot meet the requirements of today’s intense security threat environment. They need federal and state resources and other stakeholders to secure resilient technology, systems and frameworks. Our role is to ensure technology and security experts are at the table to help with sound policy decisions and implementation, to provide reliable information about election technology, and to advocate for the integral role of the responsible use of technology in elections as part of an effective democracy.

A Resilient Election Ecosystem

Secure election systems protect the ability of all voters to cast an effective ballot and create an auditable, trustworthy record of voter intent.

The Voter is not Prevented From Voting

by technology failures or tampering in registration technology or voter lists, nor problems with check-in technology like electronic poll books

The Ballot is Available to the Voter

including any technology used for marking the ballot

The Voter Receives the Correct and Complete Ballot

The Voter can Mark & Verify the Ballot

by hand (or an assistive device if needed) and cast the ballot safely and privately

Robust Chain of Custody Procedures

safeguard the paper ballots and other artifacts of the election from beginning to end

Officials can Demonstrate the Ballots were Counted Correctly

through post-election audits

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