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Internet voting is not private or secure.

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About Internet Voting

Expanding insecure technology like internet voting makes election results less trustworthy — at a time when having secure and verifiable elections is more important than ever.

Internet voting endangers voters’ privacy, capacity to vote, and trust that their votes are being recorded and counted accurately — and erodes public confidence in our elections. Every voter has a right to a secret ballot that cannot be traced back to them, but a voter’s identity must also be verified to ensure no one else votes in their name. This combination of privacy and verification is impossible with current internet voting technology. Internet voting also does not provide paper ballots that allow voters to verify their vote choices. Voter-verified paper ballots can be audited and recounted to confirm election results, bolstering security and public confidence. Learn more about internet voting.

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Internet Voting

Many studies report that internet voting is insecure. Read what federal agencies, election security experts, and other nonpartisan groups have found.


Internet Voting Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about internet voting in general. Topics include risks, threats, blockchain, security, and more.

International Internet Voting

A dozen nations have explored the use of online voting since 2000. We’re profiling the alarming failures that occurred.


Australia has used internet voting in several elections in New South Wales since 2011.


Canada has not conducted any online elections at the provincial or federal level, but internet voting has been used in local elections.


Estonia began an internet voting program in 2005.


Finland explored the use of a kiosk-based online voting system.


France conducted an online primary in 2014.


Norway has experimented with internet voting systems.

Other Countries

Other European countries have experimented with electronic or Iinternet voting and have elected to discontinue its use.

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