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We work with election officials, policymakers, and democracy defenders across party lines to help voters vote and to promote policies that support justified public confidence in elections. Our work includes 5 key election security issues.

Voting Equipment

Different types of voting equipment are used throughout the voting process and some types of voting equipment are more secure than others.

Post-Election Audits

Post-election audits provide solid evidence and promote public confidence in election outcomes. Our team advises election officials on conducting post-election audits out in the field and has developed background papers and reports on audits.

Paper Records

Election security experts agree that the most resilient voting systems use paper ballots. Learn more about why paper ballots are the foundation of trustworthy elections.


internet security

Internet Voting

Internet voting endangers voters’ privacy, capacity to vote, and trust that their votes are being recorded and counted accurately — and erodes public confidence in our elections. Read more about the dangers.

election security

Election Security

Ninety-nine percent of votes cast in the U.S. are counted by computers, but that is just one piece of our election ecosystem. Read about why election security and contingency planning matters at all points of election administration.

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