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Here are steps you can take.

Check Your Voter Registration File

We encourage you to regularly check your voter registration status to ensure your info is up to date at Rock The Vote. Contact your local elections office immediately if you notice a problem, or contact the Election Protection hotline.

Check Your Ballot

The simplest thing you can do to secure your vote is to double check your paper ballot to verify your selections before casting your vote, especially if you’re using an electronic interface to fill out your ballot.


The only way to ensure that your voice isn’t heard is to not show up to vote. Register to vote here or with your local Board of Elections.

Election Protection

We’re proud to be a partner in the nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition, which was formed to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process. Call the hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report any issues or problems that you observe or experience in the process of going to the polls. Read more here about how Verified Voting partners with Election Protection.

Become A Poll Worker

Your election office needs poll workers. Get started here to find out if you’re eligible or contact your local election board.

Observe Your Local Election

For more than a decade Verified Voting has supported and encouraged respectful public observation of the election process and promoted transparency as a key element of reliable, evidence-based elections. Read more.

Stay Informed

Whether it’s one of our go-to resources or even your local election office, here’s how you can stay informed on the latest news in election security.


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Follow Your Local &
State Board of Elections

Your local elections office is a go-to source for information about your jurisdiction’s elections. Follow your local and state board of elections on social media to receive important updates about your locality’s deadlines, processes, election news, and more. Find your local elected official.

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