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Verified Voting’s tools help explain how votes are cast and counted.

The Verifier

The Verifier is our interactive tool that lets you explore voting equipment usage and post-election audit requirements across the United States. It includes the most comprehensive publicly available data set on voting equipment going back to 2006, which is constantly being tracked and updated by our data team — a surprisingly complex undertaking as choices about voting systems often happen at the county or township level. The map also shows post-election audit requirements by state from our Audit Law Database. The Verifier is a trusted resource for everyone — including government officials, independent researchers, journalists, and everyday voters  — and has informed election protection efforts, election security legislation, and everything in between.

Voting Equipment Database

Verified Voting’s in-house database of voting equipment provides extensive background on the equipment used to cast – and count – votes. The U.S.’s aging voting equipment makes its election infrastructure vulnerable, and some states have more resilient voting equipment than others. Purchase (procurement) decisions about voting equipment may be made statewide or locally. Voting equipment undergoes certification by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and state election certification bodies.

Audit Law Database

The Verified Voting Audit Law Database is a resource that describes state laws, regulations, and procedures for post-election audits. This database was originally created and maintained by Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota. The database migrated to Verified Voting in March 2017.

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