Verified Voting’s President & CEO

2022 was an important test for our democracy as disinformation and election denialism led to false claims about our elections, endangering election workers and attempting to sow distrust with voters.

But voters showed they want a democracy that works for everyone. We worked alongside election officials, legislators, and coalition partners to help ensure that our elections were run fairly and without interference. We shared accurate information about voting, supported election protection efforts across the country, and provided on-the-ground support to officials conducting post- election audits to check the vote counts.

We’ve seen significant improvements nationwide, particularly in our advocacy for paper ballots and post-election audits, but crucial areas of improvement remain. Our recent strategic planning process reaffirmed our commitment to voters.

Our vision is that all voters are able to cast an effective ballot without barriers; that voters can have justified confidence—a reason to believe—that their votes were counted as cast; and that ultimately, foundational democratic principles are upheld.

Our strategy is to advocate for and support practices that make election results trustworthy, and to amplify information that protects our elections from direct and/or propagandistic attack.

We’re looking ahead to 2024 (and celebrating our 20th anniversary as an organization!) — and even as we approach our work head-on, we’re also celebrating all of our supporters, our partners, and our team. We could not do our work without your continued support.

In community,

Pamela Smith, President & CEO