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PHILADELPHIA, PA (February 24, 2021) — Mark Lindeman, co-director of Verified Voting, released the following statement today in regard to the recent wave of legislation being introduced to limit options for secure voting:

“Recently introduced legislation in states across the country — in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania — actively undermines democratic participation in the United States. Fair and accurate voting is the foundation of a democracy, but limiting opportunities for voters to participate does nothing to address the real threats to election security, which include: internet voting, paperless voting systems, and insufficient resources to conduct risk-limiting audits. Election security experts agree that mail voting and early voting can be done securely, provided states invest in the necessary resources. Federal funding is needed to help with this and can also assist election officials with putting secure processes in place — paper ballots, a strong chain of custody of the ballots and risk-limiting audits — without resorting to voter suppression.”