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ES&S ExpressVote XL

Make / Model: ES&S ExpressVote XL
Equipment Type: Hybrid BMD/OpScan


With the EVS system certified by the EAC on July 2, 2018, ES&S introduced the ExpressVote XL, a hybrid paper-based polling place voting device that provides a full-face 32-inch interactive touchscreen and incorporates the printing of the voter’s selections on a vote summary card and tabulation scanning into a single unit. The ExpressVote XL is set up for each election using a proprietary USB drive that remains in the machine and collects the tabulated cast vote records. The compartment enclosing the USB drive, the memory module, two other ports and the administration switch is equipped with a barrel lock on the top front of the unit inside the privacy curtain with the voter.

Voting sessions are initiated by the insertion of an un-voted summary card. The ExpressVote XL guides voters through the ballot selection process with screen prompts, symbols and optional audio. It can be programmed to display ballots and instructions in up to 16 languages and allows voters to choose large text and/or high-contrast text if desired. When large text is selected the ballot will run to as many screens as are needed. Write-in votes are entered using a virtual keyboard displayed on the touchscreen. The content of write-in votes is not captured in memory and cannot be read back from the vote summary card for audio verification.

When the voter has finished making their selections, the ExpressVote XL prints a vote summary card, which is internally processed for tabulation and then presented to the voter for review behind a plastic window. The summary card is not physically accessible to the voter unless the voter chooses to spoil the summary card, which requires a poll worker to enter the booth to eject it. If the voter chooses to cast the vote, the vote summary card is deposited in a removable card container attached to the ExpressVote XL cart and the tabulation is recorded as a cast vote record. Vote summary cards are collected in the cartridge in the order that they were cast. The cartridge can be sealed before mounting in the machine so that it remains sealed when removed after polling.

The vote summary card does not replicate the format of the ballot as displayed on the touchscreen nor the ballots used in the jurisdiction for absentee or provisional voting. The vote summary card lists the contests and the voter’s selections. Barcodes representing the selections are printed above the human readable summary of the voter’s selections. The ExpressVote XL tabulates the information encoded in the barcode and not the human readable summary.

Each ExpressVote XL unit weighs 296 pounds and is equipped with four large wheels. Each unit self-contains its own supplies, including privacy curtain. It includes a secondary printer to print a zero tape at opening of the polls and a summary tape at closing. The ExpressVote XL is intended to run on AC power but includes a battery rated for 2 hours; extra batteries are available as an option.

The ExpressVote XL generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit similar to the Real Time Audit Log (RTAL) used with the iVotronic DRE, which can be printed at any time. Every action and event, including access attempts, access of system functions and errors, is logged and timestamped.

Voting Process

A brief video of the voting process for the ExpressVote XL from Union County NJ

A full demo of the ExpressVote XL by the Philadelphia City Commission

Manufacturer Profile

Election Systems and Software (ES&S)

11208 John Galt Blvd
Omaha, NE 68137


Election Systems & Software was founded in 1979 as American Information Systems Inc. (AIS), it merged with Business Records Corp. the following year and changed its name to ES&S. It is now a subsidiary of McCarthy Group, LLC, and McCarthy Capital. As of 2007 it was the largest manufacturer of voting machines in the United States, claiming customers in 1,700 localities. As of 2007 it had approximately 350 employees; 2005 revenues were $117 million. ES&S announced its purchase of AutoMARK Technical Systems on January 28, 2008.


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