IVS Inspire Vote-By-Phone System & IVS Inspire Ballot Marking System

Make / Model: IVS Inspire Vote-By-Phone System & IVS Inspire Ballot Marking System
Equipment Type: Ballot Marking Devices


The Inspire voting system designed and marketed by IVS, LLC is a telephone based assistive device used in configuration with an optical scan voting system. Voters listen to the ballot through headphones and make their selections on a touchtone telephone-style keypad using the Inspire voting system. Selections are printed on a paper ballot, which the individual voter can read and review. Blind voters can review their selections using the printed ballot by scanning the barcode on each paper ballot, they can listen to their selections being read back to them in the headphones. Paper ballots also contain human readable characters of voters’ selections, so ballots can be manually counted and used for a recount if necessary.

The resulting ballots are either printed at a secure central location (Central Print) or via a fax at the polling site (Fax Print) depending on the configuration employed. With the Central Print option, ballots are printed at a secure central location with a cover page in order to protect voter privacy.Ballots are printed with a machine-readable bar code that is read back to the voter prior to their vote being cast. With the Fax Print option, the paper ballot is printed at the polling site, allowing the to verify their ballot is correct prior to casting it in the ballot box.

The Inspire system also allows any voter to practice navigating the ballot before Election Day from home using a telephone. The Preview and Practice feature allows voters to call a toll-free number, enter an access code and navigate through the entire ballot as if they were voting on an Inspire machine, allowing voters to become familiar with candidates, contests and amendments on the actual ballot before Election Day.

IVS Inspire Ballot Marking Device

In November 2016 the State of Connecticut deployed the IVS Inspire Ballot Marking System for the first time. The Ballot Marking System uses the same software and assistive features as the Inspire Vote-By-Phone system but rather than working through telephone lines the system interfaces directly with a Brother printer to print a marked ballot, which is scanned along with other ballots in the polling place.

The Ballot Marking System includes a tablet and a keypad with headphones and voters may use the touch screen on the tablet, or by using the connected audio system on the keypad. The audio system, which includes headphones, works by a series of cues requiring voters to push different buttons on the telephone-style keypad to make choices for each office. Both the touchscreen and the audio provide voters with the opportunity to review and revise their choices.

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