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MicroVote/Chatsworth ACP 2200 & OMR 9200

Make / Model: MicroVote/Chatsworth ACP 2200 & OMR 9200
Equipment Type: Batch-Fed Optical Scan Tabulator

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The Model ACP-2200 Optical Mark Reader is a central count dual sided scanner manufactured by Chatsworth Data Corporation and used in configuration with MicroVote election management software to tabulate absentee ballots in jurisdictions using MicroVote’s Infinity or MV-464 DREs. The ACP (Accessible Card Path) design allows access to the card path and optic lens for clearing obstructions and performing preventative maintenance on the unit. After the ballot has been scanned, the resulting data string is terminated by a carriage return (CR) and is automatically transported to the communication port of the attached computer. RS-232C Serial communications is standard on the APC-2200.

The ACP-2200 utilizes “Visible Red” illumination reads black or blue marks made with a ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen as well as standard pencil marks. Background printing must be in the visible red range. “Infra Red” illumination is available as an option for pencil only marking with colored background printing. MicroVote voting systems are also used in configuration with predecessor to the ACP 2200, the OMR 9002 dual sided scanner. The ACP 2200 scanner is included in MicroVote’s v.4.0B EAC certification.

Voting Process

Ballots compatible with the Chatsworth scanners resemble punchcard ballots. Candidates names do not appear on the ballot ut are referenced by numbers on an addtional page provided to voters. Voters should use black or blue felt tip or ballpoint pen or a standard #2 pencil to make their selections. The voter should completely fill in the oval to the right of the the number corresponding to their selected candidate.

To select a write-in candidate, the must fill in the oval to the right of the number that corresponds to “Write In” for the office for which they want to write in a candidates name. The voter must then write the candidate’s name on the reverse side of the ballot.

Over-Votes: If a voter casts votes for more than the allowable number of candidates in a contest or cast votes for and against an issue in a contest. Over-voted races cannot be counted. In jurisdiction using a central count voting method there is no way for a voter to be notified of an overvote so be very careful to vote for only the allowable number of candidates in any contest (in most cases one). If you do accidentally over-vote and you have not put your ballot into the ballot box, you can request a new ballot from an election official. You will be asked to sign a Spoiled Ballot Affidavit. You may “spoil” up to two ballots and receive another (three ballots total). Once you drop your ballot in the ballot box, no changes can be made.

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