Election security is the way we protect our elections from interference and allow voters to feel confident that their vote is being counted. Being able to trust election results is a cornerstone of democracy. 2016 was a harsh reminder of what can happen when we don’t have secure election systems- and demonstrates the need for us to act quickly. Luckily, we can all ensure the safety of our elections, by working with our local and state election officials to make sure all of our votes are counted.

The key takeaways are that the reforms (paper ballots and robust audits) are not only totally possible, but super important. Every major reform that has been passed at the state level has been lead by grassroots activists who knew how important it was to make sure our votes are counted. The progressive movement, in light of the interference in the 2016 election, has been calling on us to understand how to advocate for these campaigns.Election Security is often seen as a wonky, insider issue.

Over the past year, the Secure Our Vote coalition has trained hundreds of local leaders to work with their election officials to demand better election machines and audits. The connection between these issues and passing a progressive agenda is clear, as only if we trust our votes will be counted if we have secure systems. We want to build upon that work to make the connections clear to the leading progressive activists.

Getting onto the program is quite competitive and voting for panels and trainings and is underway. Help this panel get selected by voting for the panel, every day, through Tuesday, April 3rd when voting closes (info on how to vote is below).

Secure Our Votes