The following is a statement from Mark Lindeman, acting co-director of Verified Voting, regarding the introduction of Colorado: SB21-188 — a bill that would allow Colorado voters with disabilities to return a ballot electronically. For additional press inquiries, please contact

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April 5, 2021) — “Votes that can’t be verified are not a solution for voters with disabilities. Verified Voting calls on Colorado lawmakers to not advance any bill that allows for any voter to return voted ballots using the internet. It’s important to meet all voters’ needs in ways that don’t undermine their ability to verify and cast their ballots securely, privately, and independently, and returning a ballot electronically does not do that. Verification is an integral part of voting. The consensus from cybersecurity experts – including reports from the NIST and the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – is that voting over the internet is one of the most vulnerable forms of voting. Moving towards internet voting will only cause more distrust in the voting process rather than bolstering confidence.