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The following statement from Verified Voting supports election security reforms outlined in the Freedom to Vote Act. For additional media inquiries, please contact

PHILADELPHIA (July 18, 2023) — Verified Voting supports the reintroduction of the Freedom to Vote Act and urges Congress to pass these measures designed to support election officials, safeguard our elections infrastructure and give voters justified confidence in election outcomes. 

Our current voting systems and election infrastructure are vulnerable at multiple points and in dire need of change. The Freedom to Vote Act will fortify the voting pipeline from registration, to administration, to equipment, to databases.

“Ahead of the 2024 elections, Congress must help safeguard our elections and support the election workers who are on the frontlines of our democracy,” said Pamela Smith, President and CEO of Verified Voting. “The common-sense election security measures in the Freedom to Vote Act are urgently needed to protect our elections from both real threats and from baseless claims of fraud.”

Verified Voting supports the following measures:

  • Paper ballots that all voters can verify as a trustworthy record of votes cast in an election, which can be used to check the election outcome, and, if needed, conduct a full hand recount;
  • Post-election audit requirements that verify reported election outcomes or trigger a hand recount; 
  • Broad federal material and technical support for replacing and securing voting systems and election infrastructure – and explicitly creating guidelines for electronic poll books and remote ballot marking systems; 
  • Significant improvements to the accessible voting experienceincluding making voter registration and elections websites more accessible, improving poll worker trainings for establishing accessible voting locations and using accessible voting equipment, and emphasizing voter education; and
  • Increased protection for election workers from intimidation and coercion. 

Verified Voting looks forward to continuing to work with members of Congress to support safe, secure and fair federal elections.