Stock Donations to Verified Voting

Gifts of securities offer significant tax advantages for supporters of Verified Voting and are easy to make

Follow the instructions below or contact us at the number below for more information:

Development Team
760-804-8683 ext. 702

Why Make A Stock Gift?

Most people are surprised to learn just how simple it is to donate appreciated securities. If you hold stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have risen in value, and you have held them long term (more than one year and one day), you can consider using them to make a gift.

Why might a stock gift be right for you? First, a donation of appreciated securities qualifies you for a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the security on the gift date. This amount may be generally deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income (always consult your tax advisor about your specific situation). When you transfer the securities directly to us, you won’t incur capital gains tax. This allows you to gain a greater tax benefit and make a larger contribution than if you simply sold the securities yourself and donated the cash from the sale.

Consistent with regulations covering stock gifts, we receive the stocks, then sell them and use the proceeds to fund our work. It’s that simple. There is no minimum donation for an outright gift of stock.

Just follow the simple directions below:

Donating Stocks

Stock gifts can be directly transferred to our account at Charles Schwab. There are two accounts, one for Verified Voting Foundation (tax deductible c3 donations) and one for Verified, Inc. (non-tax deductible c4 donations). The account information for each account is shown below:

Verified Voting Foundation Securities Broker:

Charles Schwab
PO Box 52114
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2114


DTC #: 0-164
Our account #: 9148-7174
Verified Voting Foundation

Federal Tax ID#: 20-0765743
Account type: Corporation
501(c)(3) Tax-Deductible

Verified, Inc. Securities Broker:

Charles Schwab
PO Box 52114
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2114

DTC #: 0-164
Our account #: 6258-8777
Verified, Inc.

Federal Tax ID#: 20-0665713
Account type: Corporation
501(c)(4) Non Tax-Deductible

1. Provide written gift instructions to your bank or broker.
A sample communication might read:
“I wish to make a donation of “x” shares of “XYZ” Corporation. Please transfer the stock to Verified Voting Foundation via DTC as follows:” (Here you will provide the account information shown above, depending on whether your gift is to Verified Voting Foundation or Verified, Inc.).

2. Please send a copy of this correspondence to Verified Voting:
By email:

By regular mail (c3 donations):
Verified Voting Foundation
1500 Chestnut St. #2315
Philadelphia, PA 19102

By regular mail (c4 donations):
Verified Voting.Org, Inc
1500 Chestnut St. #2320
Philadelphia, PA 19102

By fax: 760-841-1880

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