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The following is a statement from Verified Voting in response to the updated proposed coronavirus response package, the HEROES Act. For additional media inquiries, please contact Aurora Matthews,

September 29, 2020 — “Voting is already underway and with Election Day less than 35 days away, election officials are working against the clock without the resources they need to ensure that voters can vote safely and know that their votes were counted accurately. Verified Voting supports the $3.6 billion in funding in the HEROES Act for election administration, which would include security measures such as signature verification with opportunity to cure, ballot tracking and risk-limiting audits. Verified Voting also applauds the provisions preventing federal funding from being spent on dangerously insecure online voting systems.”

Verified Voting, a non-partisan election integrity organization, advocates for evidence-based elections where voters mark paper ballots primarily by hand, voters verify the ballots before casting, there is a strong chain of custody of the ballots, and robust post-election audits such as risk-limiting audits (RLAs) are conducted. Verified Voting’s COVID-19 recommendations on election security and verification can be viewed here.




For additional media inquiries, please contact Aurora Matthews,