The following is a statement and letter from Verified Voting in support of election security reforms outlined in For the People Act (S.1). For additional media inquiries, please contact 

PHILADELPHIA (March 18, 2021) —  Verified Voting is supporting specific measures in S.1, as well as in Title III of H.R.1, and urges Congress to pass these measures designed to help safeguard our elections from both legitimate threats of interference and baseless claims of fraud.

“Voter-verifiable paper ballots and post-election audits are needed to protect elections and help ensure that votes are counted as cast. The 2020 election showed that public confidence in our elections and democracy is at a tipping point. The common-sense, bipartisan-supported election security measures in S.1 should be a priority for Congress and Verified Voting looks forward to working with members of Congress to support safe, secure and fair federal elections,” said Mark Lindeman, acting director of Verified Voting.

In a letter sent to members of the 117th Congress in January, 2021, Verified Voting explained why moving toward risk-limiting audits (RLAs) will advance efforts to protect and ensure trustworthy elections:

“While most states audit their vote counts in some way, right now, only a few conduct mandatory post-election RLAs. RLAs offer an efficient and effective way to check and confirm the reported election outcome. While H.R.1 falls short of requiring all states to conduct RLAs, grant opportunities are a step in the right direction and will reduce the financial hurdle that many states face. Ultimately, nationwide adoption of RLAs will provide a crucial line of national defense against threats to voting systems (both real and perceived).

In addition to RLAs, Verified Voting also supports the following measures:

  • Paper ballots that all voters can verify as a trustworthy record of votes cast in an election, which can be used to check the election outcome, and if needed, conduct a full hand recount; and
  • Broad federal material and technical support for replacing and securing voting systems and election infrastructure – and explicitly treating electronic poll books as part of voting systems.

 Read the full letter here.