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PHILADELPHIA (April 9, 2021) – Verified Voting, a leading national organization whose mission is to strengthen democracy for all voters by promoting the responsible use of technology in elections, welcomes Neal McBurnett to its Board of Directors. McBurnett previously served on the organization’s Board of Advisors and is a pioneering expert on post-election audits.

“Neal McBurnett is an innovative and admired leader on election integrity and risk-limiting audits and his expertise will significantly benefit our work,” said Barbara Simons, Verified Voting’s Board Chair. “We’re very excited to welcome Neal to the Board of Directors. ”

McBurnett is an independent consultant in election integrity, security and data science. He was a major contributor to “Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits” (2008), and conducted the first risk-limiting audit outside California. McBurnett was a consultant on Colorado’s Risk Limiting Audit project and ballot-level risk-limiting audits that reached new levels of efficiency and scale. He also audited the innovative Scantegrity end-to-end-verifiable election in Takoma Park, MD in 2011, and was a member of the STAR-Vote design team. 

McBurnett has contributed to data format standards for elections, having served as vice-chair of IEEE P1622, and worked with NIST and the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in several VVSG working groups. He is active with the Election Verification Network, and has served on the board of the Center for Election Science, exploring voting methods that better represent voters’ preferences. McBurnett holds Computer Science degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (M.S.) and Brown University (B.S.).

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