Verified Voting’s Board Chair

Verified Voting was founded by computer scientists in 2004 in response to the spread of “paperless” voting machines with no paper ballots that voters could verify and no possibility of meaningful audits or recounts.

Throughout our decades of work, we’ve continued to advocate for the sound use of technology in our elections.

The Verifier, an early project of Verified Voting, is now the most comprehensive database of voting equipment usage and post-election audit requirements nationwide.

Our team works closely with election officials to build more resilient elections and to assist with technical issues such as post-election audits. Our staff, board, and advisory board members are involved with the development and implementation of rigorously tested evidence-based voting technology with the goal of enfranchising all voters.

Our organization continues to confront challenges that would make our elections less trustworthy, including the widespread deployment of internet voting and the spread of harmful disinformation about our elections.

As the nation faces these formidable threats, we remain dedicated to making elections secure, accurate, accessible, and verifiable for all voters.

I’m grateful to all of you for your support of our critical work.

Barbara Simons, Ph.D., Board Chair