Verified Voting

Verified Voting’s mission is to strengthen democracy for all voters by promoting the responsible use of technology in elections.

Since its founding, Verified Voting has been a leading expert on relevant issues in election technology. Our team’s knowledge is foundational in understanding where vulnerabilities lie in our elections, promoting policies and best practices that mitigate risks, and supporting data-driven public education around elections. We collaborate with other experts in the field—experts in election administration because context matters for policy recommendations, experts in diverse voter experiences because not every voter has access to the ballot in the same way, and experts in voter outreach and education because ultimately
this work is done for voters.

The U.S. has moved toward broader and fairer access to voting, but not without contention and backlash. We are proudly nonpartisan, but in this struggle, we are not neutral: we stand with voters. We repudiate attacks on voting rights couched as security measures and believe that security, resilience, and verifiability are integral to free and fair elections. And we recognize that some uses of election technology can systematically disenfranchise voters with disabilities, rural voters, and voters of color, so a key part of our work is to advance technology solutions that balance and best meet the priorities of both accessibility and security.

We work with election officials, policymakers, and democracy defenders across party lines to help voters vote and to promote policies that support justified public confidence in elections.