Verified Voting’s Board Chair

2024 is Verified Voting’s 20th year working to strengthen democracy for all voters by making our elections more accurate, secure, and verifiable. For example, thanks to our leadership in fighting insecure paperless voting machines, most of our country will be voting on paper ballots in the 2024 election. Together with our coalition partners, we’ve worked to get more rigorous processes in place—like post-election ballot audits to check computerized vote counts—and successfully defeated fundamentally insecure internet voting proposals in several states.

Yet despite considerable progress, we find ourselves having to combat claims from election deniers who seek to sow distrust in election outcomes and distort the foundation of everything we’ve strived for. Consequently, we are pushing back against rampant disinformation and threats to election workers that are endangering our democracy.

Fortunately, we have made significant progress in achieving our early goals—thank in large measure to the tireless work of Verified Voting’s team and countless partners, including election officials, academics, advocates, lawmakers, and engaged citizens.

Our staff, board, and advisory board members are committed to advocating for evidence-based election practices that enfranchise all voters.

We could not have made the progress we’ve made nor been in a position to continue the critical work without the support of all the defenders of democracy who sustain our work.  Thank you all!