Verified Voting’s President & CEO

Our democracy depends on citizens’ willingness to accept—and, where necessary, defend—valid election outcomes. At Verified Voting, it’s always election season, and our 2023 Annual Report highlights the strategic momentum and capacity we’ve built to prepare for the 2024 election and beyond.

The threats to public confidence in our elections continue to evolve, but we’ve laid the foundation to confront challenges ahead and support the election officials who administer our democracy, from our work to expand (and explain!) the importance of robust post-election audits, to supporting the Election Protection coalition to reach a new level of preparedness for the 2024 election. We defeated risky internet voting proposals in every state we engaged in, expanded our tools and resources on voting and technology, and continued to be a trusted, nonpartisan resource.

Reaching voters with clear information about how elections work and supporting and advising election officials will be indispensable in 2024 and beyond, and while the dynamics of the 2024 election cycle may feel different

than previous years, we’ve spent 20 years working towards this moment. Our elections are more resilient than ever before, and election officials across the country are doing incredible work on voters’ behalf.

We’re all in for voters in 2024—and we are thankful for election officials, coalition partners, advocates, and supporters like you.

With gratitude,