Clear Ballot Group


Make / Model: Clear Ballot ClearCast
Equipment Type: Optical Scan


The Clear Ballot ClearCast is a digital scan paper ballot tabulator designed for use at the polling place. After a voter marks a paper ballot, her ballot is inserted into the unit for processing. The tabulator uses high speed, high resolution, commercial scan engines to simultaneously image the front and back of the ballot. The resulting ballot images are processed by the Intel NUC, an off the shelf miniature PC, which identifies and evaluates marks made by the voter. The system then tabulates any votes cast on each ballot before depositing the ballot into a detachable, secured storage bin. The ballot images and election results are stored on a removable USB flash drive. This USB flash drive may be taken to the municipal clerk’s office or other central office where the ballot images and election results may be uploaded into an election results management program or transferred to another memory device or machine to facilitate storage. ClearCast does not store any images or data in its internal memory.

ClearCast features a 16 by 9-inch touchscreen display to provide feedback to the voter regarding the disposition of any ballot inserted into the machine. The screens are designed to alert voters to any errors on their ballot. ClearCast will, depending on the situation, provide details about the error, identify the specific contests where the errors occurred, allow the ballot to be returned to the voter, and provide the option for the voter to cast the ballot with errors on it. ClearCast will automatically reject ballots if a voter attempts to insert multiple ballots into the machine at the same time. WEC staff provided Clear Ballot Group with standard language for the overvote and crossover vote notification screens and much of that language was included in the programming used for testing. Some prescribed language regarding the consequences of using the ‘Submit’ button in the event of an overvote or crossover vote was not included in the language that was displayed during testing.

ClearCast uses the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) CPU as well as non-proprietary, commercially available software to identify properly marked votes on a ballot. Ballots used in conjunction with this system are designed with an oval next to the candidate name or ballot choice that a voter would fill in to indicate their choice. A digital image of both sides of the ballot is captured by the machine when the ballot is inserted and ClearCast scans the ballot images to determine and record the voter’s choices. Clear Ballot recommends that voters use a specific marking device, such as a black roller ball pen, to mark ballots processed on ClearCast. As part of ClearVote 1.4 testing, red, blue, and green pens were also used to mark ballots, all of which were tabulated by ClearCast as valid votes.

ClearCast includes an internal thermal printer for the printing of the zero reports, log reports, polling place totals and write-in reports upon the official closing of the polls.

Manufacturer Profile

Clear Ballot Group Inc.

71 Sumner Street, Suite Three
Boston, MA 02110

Clear Ballot Group was founded in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Clear Ballot’s leadership team includes LArry Moore, formerly vice president of Lotus Development, Tim Halvorsen, co-founder of Iris Associates Inc. and Tab Iredale, formerly of Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems and Election Systems & Software.