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Our Mission

Verified Voting’s mission is to strengthen democracy for all voters by promoting the responsible use of technology in elections.

We are a non-partisan organization focused exclusively on the critical role technology plays in election administration. Our staff, Board, and Board of Advisors consist of nationally-recognized subject matter experts on the issue of election integrity and the responsible use of technology. Since our founding in 2004 by computer scientists, we have acted on the belief that the integrity and strength of our democracy rely on citizens’ trust that each vote is counted as cast. In the ever-shifting world of election security, where new threats or challenges can emerge at any time, we are working to guide elections toward greater accuracy, security, and verifiability.

Our Values


In a democracy, the citizens must have the capacity to hold their government accountable, which requires an electoral system that is inclusive and secure for all. Election technology must enable democratic principles.


We tailor our strategies according to research, data and analysis, and we share our analysis publicly. We strive to disseminate our work in a timely manner.


We collaborate within our team and with other organizations to build trusting and respectful relationships. Together, we work more effectively to support and protect democracy.


We base our work on evidence, technical rigor, and clarity about what is not yet known. Our credibility depends on our ability to find realistic solutions to the problems facing our democracy.


We value multiple perspectives and viewpoints from diverse constituencies because we recognize that diversity informs more effective solutions. We value the wide ranging perspectives that our colleagues and collaborators bring to the table, and we create an environment for all voices to be heard.

Who we are

Who We Are

Meet Verified Voting’s staff, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisors.

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verifier voting foundation
Support for the Verified Voting Foundation helps us:

  • Move states toward election security best practices that provide a trustworthy record, such as routine post-election audits
  • Equip election officials with the tools they need to validate election results
  • Keep one-of-a-kind public repositories of information like the Verifier up to date
  • Educate the public on how to ensure that every voter can have their vote counted as cast

verified voting org
Support for helps us:

  • Advocate for state legislation and federal funding that reinforces election security best practices
  • Directly engage with policymakers and provide testimony on voting systems and procedures
  • Halt the spread of internet voting and other insecure technology
  • Partner with on-the-ground advocates to raise public awareness and grassroots support

voting equipment

Voting Equipment

Some types of voting equipment are more secure than others.
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post-election audits

Post-Election Audits

Providing solid evidence and promoting public confidence in election outcomes.
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paper records

Paper Records

The foundation and best disaster recovery plan for trustworthy elections.
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internet voting

Internet Voting

Dangerously risky and posing a serious threat to our democracy.
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election security

Election Security

Securing the voting pipeline from registration, to administration, to equipment, to databases.
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