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May 31, 2024

The Election Infrastructure Initiative

303 E Wacker Ave, Suite 2106

Chicago, IL, 60601

Dear Chairman Cole, Ranking Member DeLauro, Chairman Joyce, and Ranking Member Hoyer,

As organizations and election officials deeply committed to safeguarding and expanding voting access, we are writing to urge you to make available, through the budget and appropriations process for Fiscal Year 2025, $400 million of funding for election infrastructure. This appropriation is one of the most critical voting rights priorities for the 118th Congress. With changing laws in state legislatures across the country, including restrictions on nonprofit support for election administration and limitations on local tax revenue, elections offices are left with limited options to meet urgent gaps in equipment, personnel, and facilities.

We welcome Congress’ allocation of $55 million in the FY 2024 package, which will help to address the needs of voters across the nation. However, the challenges we face moving forward require a more substantial and sustained investment to ensure that all Americans can exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Election officials in every state encounter a multitude of challenges each electoral cycle, which demand substantial financial resources. These challenges encompass navigating a dynamic landscape of cybersecurity threats, modernizing voting equipment to eliminate technical issues and ensure accurate result tabulation, continuous improvements to voter registration systems for precise voter rolls, and comprehensive training and education for election staff, poll workers, and the public.

When election administration is not adequately resourced, the core functions of our elections and the democratic process are threatened, as is the ability of large numbers of voters to participate. Frontline election workers who keep our democracy running year in and year out are unable to serve their communities, and voters—especially voters of color and those in low-income communities—risk disenfranchisement. Inadequate funding of election offices can cause long lines, delays in processing voter registrations or mail ballots, and other problems that can become insurmountable for significant numbers of would-be voters.

A 2021 analysis by the Election Infrastructure Initiative found that election infrastructure needs at the local and state level over the next decade are a full $53 billion. Given the critical and substantial nature of these needs, we urge your support in including $400 million in the FY 2025 package, a strong start to addressing this overwhelming need. In addition to the funding request above, we also urge you to include a requirement that a certain portion of future funding allocations be passed through directly to localities, where a good deal of election administration takes place, to ensure these frontline democracy workers have the resources they need to run safe, secure, and modern elections.

We understand that federal resources are limited and face competing demands, but funding our election infrastructure is an investment in every facet of our lives. Federal funding for elections will bolster voter confidence, ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard, and safeguard the integrity of our electoral process—all essential ingredients in a healthy democracy.

Thank you for your dedication to our democracy. We appreciate your consideration of this crucial request.


Patty Hansen

County Recorder

Coconino County, Arizona


Kristin B. Connelly

Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters

Contra Costa County, California


Tommy Gong

Deputy County Clerk-Recorder

and Registrar of Voters

Contra Costa County, California


Cathy Darling Allen

Retired Shasta County Clerk

Shasta County, California


R. Todd Davidson

Election Director

Denver, Colorado


Paul Lopez

Clerk and Recorder

City and County of Denver, Colorado


Amanda Gonzalez

Clerk and Recorder

Jefferson County, Colorado


Sara Mussen

Registrar of Voters

Colchester, Connecticut


Giselle Feliciano

Registrar of Voters

Hartford, Connecticut


Jillian Brimecombe

Deputy Registrar of Voters

Windsor, Connecticut


Omega R Finney

Henry County Board of Elections and Voter

Registration – Board Member

Henry County, Georgia


Kecia Brown


Charlton, Georgia

Lisa M. Watson

Executive Director

City of Galesburg, Illinois


Anthony Vega

County Clerk

Lake County, Illinois


Bonnie Johnson

Information Security Officer

McHenry County, Illinois


Jessica Hockemeyer

Voter Registration/Election Supervisor

Whitley County, Indiana


Renee Roland

Deputy Auditor

Sac County, Iowa


John L. Myers, Jr.

Elected Town Clerk

Town of Buxton, Maine


Catherine Harder-Bernier

Town Clerk

Hanover, Massachusetts


Wendi Heyliger

Township Clerk

Buchanan Charter Township, Michigan


Kim Meltzer

Township Clerk

Clinton Township, Michigan


Joel Hondorp

City Clerk

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Dawn Sawicki-Franz


Imlay City, Michigan


Chris Swope

City Clerk

Lansing City, Michigan


Brian Jackson

Chief Deputy City Clerk

Lansing City, Michigan

Lisa Brown

County Clerk/Register of Deeds

Oakland County, Michigan


Eileen Harryvan

Township Clerk

Township of Southfield, Michigan


Savannah Wendeln

Election Manager

Blaine County, Montana


Phil Hatcher

Ward Clerk

Dover, New Hampshire


Glen Mendez


Monmouth County, New Jersey


Katharine E. Clark

County Clerk

Santa Fe County, New Mexico


Judith L. Garrison

Election Commissioner

Delaware County, New York


Aaron Ockerman

Executive Director

Ohio Association of Election Officials


Maureen Dambra

Instructional Training Coordinator

Cuyahoga, Ohio


Pamela J. Kerrigan


Shelby County, Ohio


Cheryl Seely

County Clerk

Crook County, Oregon


Bill Burgess

County Clerk

Marion County, Oregon

Sheilah Crider


Island County, Washington


Tim Scott

Director of Elections

Multnomah County, Oregon


Lisa Gambee

County Clerk

Wasco County, Oregon


Christine Du Bois-Buxbaum

Precinct Judge of Elections

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania


Sandrea Speroni

Town Clerk

Town of Warren, Rhode Island


Chelsea Magwire

Assistant Town Clerk

Town of Berlin, Vermont


Lynn Parah

Town Clerk

Franklin County, Vermont


Karin S Mott

Town Clerk

Middlebury, Vermont


Elizabeth Karle


Mount Holly, Vermont


Tim Arsenault

Town Clerk

Town of Vernon, Vermont


Ginger Chiesa

Director of Elections & General Registrar

Buckingham County, Virginia


Susan Reed

Director of Elections

Manassas City, Virginia


Colleen Rummel

Absentee Mail Coordinator

Prince William County, Virginia


Regina McRay

Elections Manager

Kitsap, Washington


Kim Alexander


California Voter Foundation


Dominic Arellano

Election Administration Master Student

Detroit, Michigan


Jennifer Cohen

Temple Sinai

Montgomery County, Maryland


Lynn Davis

Community Organizer

Tucson/Pima County, Arizona


Paul Gronke

Director of Early Voting Information Center and

Professor of Political Science

Reed College


Martha Kropf

Professor of Political Science and Interim Director

of Public Policy

University of North Carolina


Carolyn Kubitschek

American Voter

Brooklyn, New York


Amber McReynolds

Former Election Official



Anne Mendoza

Elections Expert

York, Pennsylvania


Brian Michelson


Berks County, Pennsylvania


Jackie Wu

Former Election Official

Orange County, California