Piecing Together Voting Rights

Making an election work for all voters is like assembling a complicated jigsaw puzzle:
every section is made up of lots of pieces, and every piece plays an important role.

Pieces of the Voting Rights Puzzle:

voting rights puzzle

Our Parts of the Puzzle

You can’t complete the puzzle without election security, and you can’t have secure elections without the pieces of a trustworthy voting record:

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Paper ballots that can be
verified by voters

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Strong chain of custody

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Robust post-election audits like risk-limiting audits that provide a transparent check on the results

All across the country, election officials are already putting together
the pieces of what the 2022 election will look like.

Your support means we can…

election iconExpand the number of states conducting rigorous post-election audits under best practice guidelines, and give election officials the tools they need to provide a transparent check on election results.

election iconAdvocate for voter marked paper ballots, the foundation for trustworthy elections, and push back against dangerously risky internet voting proposals as jurisdictions make decisions on new voting systems.

election iconHelp the public sort election security information from disinformation through our Verifier and other tools, and ensure that the definition of election security is not co-opted to restrict voter access.

puzzle pieceThe most important
piece is you.

Help us put the pieces together so voters in 2022, 2024, and all
the elections to come can have justified confidence their votes will be
counted as cast with a donation today.

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