Clear Ballot ClearMark

{!{types field=’publication-type’}!}{!{/types}!} {!{types field=’manufacturer’ separator=’, ‘}!}{!{/types}!} {!{types field=’equipment-title’}!}{!{/types}!} Make / Model: {!{types field=’equipment-make’}!}{!{/types}!} Equipment Type: {!{types field=’type-of-equipment’}!}{!{/types}!} Back to Voting Equipment Database Overview The ClearMark Ballot Marking Device (BMD) is a standalone device that includes an Audio Tactile Interface (ATI), which allows voters to generate a machine-readable and human readable paper ballot. The ClearMark BMD…

Voting Equipment Database – VotingWorks VxScan, VxMark, and VxCentralScan

The VotingWorks VxMark (BMD), VxScan, and VxCentralScan run on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. VotingWorks’ software is open source and available on GitHub. The BMDs are enclosed in light carrying cases, each of which contains a COTS touch-screen tablet running VotingWorks’ software. The setup also includes a card reader. The VotingWorks BMD is designed to sit in its case atop a desk or table.