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Make / Model: Clear Ballot ClearVote Voting System
Equipment Type: Ballot Marking Devices


The Clear Ballot ClearAccess is an accessible touchscreen ballot marking device primarily designed for use by voters who have visual, auditory or physical limitations or disabilities. ClearAccess printers create paper ballots that can be scanned and tabulated by ClearCast and ClearCount. Like other components of the ClearVote 1.4 voting system, ClearAccess uses unmodified, commercially available off the shelf hardware such as laptop and desktop computers, combined with personal assistive devices and printers to form a ballot marking device.

An election inspector must assist the voter to access the correct ballot style for the election. Once that has been completed, the voter is left to navigate the ballot and cast her votes privately. Voters have the option to use the touchscreen or an integrated tactile keypad to navigate the ballot and make ballot selections. Instructions that guide the voter through the process appear on the screen or can be accessed via the audio ballot function. Voters have the option to adjust the text display contrast and text size to suit their preferences. Each button on the tactile keypad has both Braille and printed text labels designed to indicate function and a related shape to help the voter determine its use. In addition, voters may also use headphones to access the audio ballot function that provides a recording of the ballot instructions and lists candidates and options for each contest. The volume and tempo of the audio can be adjusted by voters, who can use the touchscreen, tactile keypad or other assistive technology to make their selections.

ClearAccess provides a ballot summary screen on which voters can review their selections before the ballot is marked by the attached printer. A party preference selection on partisan primary ballots is required to be made by the voter before viewing contests so that crossover votes cannot occur. Once voters confirm their selections, those selections are sent to an attached printer which utilizes blank ballot stock to produce a marked ballot containing all of the voters’ selections. This system includes two types of COTS printers that will work with ClearAccess, however, only one of these units can accommodate 16-inch ballots that are common for partisan primaries. The two units included in this system are the Brother Laser Printer model HL-L2340DW and the Oki Data Laser Printer model B432dn.

After the voter completes the process, the paper ballot is the only record of the voting selections made. ClearAccess does not save any vote or ballot information to its internal memory. Ballots marked using ClearAccess can be processed by ClearCast or deposited into a secured ballot box to be hand tabulated by election inspectors after the polls have closed. Ballots marked using ClearAccess also may be tabulated using the ClearCount central count scanner units.


ClearAccess Tutorial

ClearAccess – Voting on Touchscreen

Manufacturer Profile

Clear Ballot Group Inc.

71 Sumner Street, Suite Three
Boston, MA 02110

Clear Ballot Group was founded in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Clear Ballot’s leadership team includes LArry Moore, formerly vice president of Lotus Development, Tim Halvorsen, co-founder of Iris Associates Inc. and Tab Iredale, formerly of Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems and Election Systems & Software.