Dear friends,

I want to thank you for your support and invite you to look ahead with us as we prepare for 2024—Verified Voting’s 20th year of strengthening democracy for all voters. Our democracy depends on citizens’ willingness to accept—and, where necessary, defend—valid election outcomes. The presidential election season is here, and Verified Voting’s work to ensure voters can have justified confidence in our elections has never been more important.

Election officials administer our democracy—often with limited resources—and continue to face very real threats to their safety. With your partnership, we will continue to provide nonpartisan resources and on-the ground-support to election officials throughout the 2024 election period, and tools that help demonstrate to the public that the winner won and the loser lost. With our team’s assistance, an ever growing number of states and jurisdictions are performing robust post-election audits—which are key to confirming election results and showing voters their votes were counted as cast. 

We’ll continue to fight the spread of inherently insecure internet voting, to make sure all voters can cast a secure and private ballot. This year we saw efforts to expand internet voting in more than 20 states, but together with our partners, succeeded in preventing the spread of internet voting each time. 

The threats facing public confidence in our elections continue to evolve and recent advances in AI raise legitimate concerns about the escalation of mis- and disinformation. We’ll continue to offer and expand our unique, publicly-available tools and resources that educate the public about how elections work. We’re aligning with democracy defenders across party lines to push back against unfounded claims of election fraud. 

With the first primaries mere weeks away, our work within the national election protection coalition is a priority heading into 2024. We are privileged to work closely with election officials every day, and on behalf of voters. With your generosity, this work continues. If you’ve already made your gift of support—thank you—we couldn’t do all we do without your partnership. If you haven’t given yet, thank you for considering a gift to support strengthening democracy for all voters this holiday season. 

With gratitude,

Pamela Smith, President & CEO