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Lessons Learned: Our Audit Journey in Pennsylvania

Lessons Learned: Our Audit Journey in Pennsylvania by Mark Lindeman, Acting Co-Director Over the past three months, the Verified Voting team and I have been from one end of Pennsylvania to the other, assisting with the state’s audit efforts: Everywhere we’ve been, and with every official we’ve talked to, I keep thinking about the difference between where…


Election Security Experts Say Limiting Options for Voting and Expanding Internet Voting is Not Election Security

The following is a statement from Verified Voting. For additional press inquiries, please contact PHILADELPHIA, PA (February 24, 2021) — Mark Lindeman, co-director of Verified Voting, released the following statement today in regard to the recent wave of legislation being introduced to limit options for secure voting: “Recently introduced legislation in states across the…


A Spotlight on Election Officials: Neal Kelley

Election officials carry out the most basic function of our democracy — making sure our eligible citizens can vote and that their votes count. Their work happens around the clock and far beyond what voters see on Election Day. Last year, they faced the extraordinary challenge of conducting elections amidst a pandemic, a polarized electorate,…


In letter to 117th Congress, Verified Voting supports specific election security measures in H.R. 1

The following is a statement and letter from Verified Voting in support of election security reforms outlined in For the People Act (H.R.1/S.949). For additional media inquiries, please contact PHILADELPHIA (January 5, 2021) — “Voter-verifiable paper ballots and post-election audits are needed to increase election security, which is why Verified Voting is supporting specific…


Verified Voting Congratulates GA Election Officials on Completing Historic Full Hand Count Tabulation Audit

Download Statement (November 20, 2020) — “Georgia’s successful hand count marks a watershed for trustworthy elections in the state and nationally,” said Mark Lindeman, interim co-director. “Using Georgia’s new paper-based voting system, voters can check their ballots, and then election officials can review some or all of the ballots to confirm or correct the results.…


Audits vs. Recounts: What’s the Difference?

Audits and recounts are two different post-election processes, but both are designed to build confidence in our elections. With everything going on in the post-election news cycle, Verified Voting and Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota (CEIMN) coauthored this FAQ on the difference between an audit and a recount. For questions, please email What is…


Verified Voting provides technical support to Georgia’s post-election audit

The following is a statement from Mark Lindeman, Interim Co-Director of Verified Voting, on Georgia’s post-election audit of the 2020 presidential contest. For additional media inquiries, please contact Aurora Matthews, November 13, 2020 – “We’re on the ground in Georgia to provide pro-bono technical support to Georgia election officials as they conduct an audit…


Verified Voting Releases Post-Election Statement

The following is a statement from Verified Voting. For additional press inquiries, please contact PHILADELPHIA (November 4, 2020) — “We must give election officials the time they need to count and verify every ballot – doing so is a sign that our democracy is working. Mail ballots require different processing procedures (such as checking…


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