Audit Law Database

The Audit Law Database describes state laws, regulations and procedures for post-election audits in states across the country.

About The Audit Law Database

The Verified Voting State Audit Law Database is a resource that describes state laws, regulations, and procedures for post-election audits. This database was originally created and maintained by Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota. The database includes:

  • Audit Laws for all 50 States, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Searchable Database

For a visual overview of audit laws across the United States, see the Verifier.

*Transparency Defined

  • Minimal transparency: outside observers not permitted and/or no statutory guidance on transparency
  • Limited transparency: designated observers only; results may or may not be reported publicly
  • Partial transparency: public observation; results not required to be made public
  • Enhanced transparency: public observation and public reporting
  • High transparency: public observation; public reporting; observers can verify marks on ballots

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